Mala, Joe Nice etc. on RC1 in London tonight


Anyone reaching this tonight?

Mala, Joe Nice, J Kenzo, Youngsta etc… on the mighty RC1 at Lightbox in Vauxhall!

I’ll be setting up with RC1 in the afternoon so catch you there if you’re reaching :wink:


I’m there regardless but are rc1 just covering the main room or all 3?


not! looks big tho

but i’m looking fwd to see Joe on Sunday :corndance:


I’m sure I read all 3 rooms

See you guys tonight. I’ll be wearing a turquoise adidas T-shirt, come say hi.

Where will everyone be stood? Left stack?


main thread if you’re interested


Oh dear oh dear…I was almost sober and Youngsta was rolling a spliff behind stage so I decided to roll up a hash zoot for a break…got kicked out right away by bouncers and not allowed back in even though I’m meant to be packing down at 7am lol.

Caught most of Mala and Joe Nice which was large, hope the rest of the night is sick! Shame the venue are so anal about sound levels though…

Also special shout out to man like Foamplate for giving me a free copy of Plant Power 001, and then for giving it to my mate after I told him I’ve already got a copy hahaha