Mala - Mirrors

Dont think i’ve seen anyone talk about this. From Gilles Peterson
Havant heard it though :frowning:

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I hope it’s good, though I’m not hopeful

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word on the vine is this is the new Mala in Wigan LP weve been waiting for


Most sought after dubs

he didn’t even play it on Worldwide today

It’s his LP so that would be quite hard

do u think the bass comes in at 30 seconds or a minute

55 secs


drop it like a B0:55

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Feel kinda let down by that. Probably would shake a leg to it though.

It just second dropped. Nah fam, I retract the second statement.

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i thought it was shit from the begginging :sunglasses: tbh it really sound like a mala tune

mala side ii side was quite a shit tune idec

You’re so dub-petty loool

Can’t chat to man about dubs tho

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side ii side isn’t a dub? bit obsessed with me talking about dubs aren’t you son

@CreamLord you bloody joker :laughing:

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again it’s on vinyl…be a bit more original next time.