Mala - Mirrors


is there? I was just about to say how pointless it was trying to get this thing on wax if its already sold out… Surely they will have a normal press for the unwashed masses?



hahaha ofcourse there is going to be a regular press you numptys



Is there any more information about the special edition? Only extra i could find out, is that it’s signed.


No, thats allI think (lol)… signed boxsets sound better


Does Mark have the clout to sell his signature for premium?



It’s back up on the bandcamp page



can’t find enough snippets but anyway, I think this has been done SO many times (latin experimentation), so mala’s attempts sounds quite average.
either he releases something completely latino (on brownswood) or some seriously deep eye rattling dubstep (dmz/deep medi), but these kind of merges doenst really fit in this genre imo, tempo is crucial, you can’t fully enjoy peruvian cumbia at 138bpm mon!


what the? just saw this as well (i know its old)

but single digital tune for 7 quid… Mala ffs lol


perhaps we’re now on the ‘DMZ on Discogs’ price rate for everything




had a good chuckle at this


Is a little expensive, considering he said in that lecture thing that he feels really awkward making people pay and if he was a millionaire he’d give his music away for free.

That said, ignoring Deep Medi, he’s probably releasing this and not a whole lot else. For someone doing music full time I’m sure hes not gunna be minted off a £35 boxset.

Compared to some other boxsets its actually cheap… Flying Lotus was about 40+, Non Plus+ compilation about the same… this wasn’t much but if you wanna buy it now lol

I’d rather buy a Mala album like this and pay the extra than buy it at like £12-15 on a single plate like the Tunnidge album. Can’t please everybody I guess.


tbf I’m not too fussed cause im gonna cop the regular version cause im not too fussed about collectors editions etc… see your point though


that link is a ‘taal mala’ tune matey, completely different guy!


that was the joke :cornlol:


ah dammit I’m kinda slow today lol