Mala - Mirrors



Sold Out" :corncry: :corncry: :corncry:


Nothing like a nice bit of paint/photoshop appropriation eh


I guess the special edition is the box set and the regular release will be a gate fold, same as he did with In Cuba.

Kinda surprised that he’s doing another album like this. I seem to remember the sleeve notes on In Cuba saying that he struggled to finish the album and had to get that Sinbad guy in to help him out in the end.





24p… oh mala…


that’s still pretty okay for 3 plates tbh


oh thought it was 2, i guess its ok factoring demand, if i really wanted that id be happy its less accessible as opposed to being dirt cheap and selling out instantly.


weird that it’s cheaper on redeye than on the bandcamp page tho no?


I think on redeye you only get the plates, thru bandcamp it says you get the CD as well


k yeah, fair enough…and digital d/l which you won’t get on redeye.


I remember my copy of mala in cuba coming with a download code so they might be doing the same with this.


Prob get it on a sleeve insert it sticker. Doubt they’d remove them just to send them to redeye lol


Wonder if Vivek will call Mala up next week at System, get him on loud speaker and play Kotos down the phone too him


mala’s still got 1 more boxset to make.


Mala in Zion


nice one!



Digging this one


I feel a new genre coming on: world bass music.