Mala - Mirrors


feeling that tune tho


I feel like this has been a thing for a while.

That 10 cities album with pinch and rsd comes to mind. I really dig it tbh


I was being facetious before but while lifting sounds from different cultures and dubstepping them up is a step in that direction it stills feel short of proper collaboration.


I haven’t been on here in months, just returning to say that the two tracks currently available for listening don’t really cut it imo… i feel that mala in cuba was so good that I still only listen to it on the rarest of occasions. this new album just seems to be lacking in energy, feels like a bag of shit attempt on malas behalf… some simple bass riffs with some Peruvian dude on the flute. dead sound lol


lap it up guys. mala’s about the hungriest dude around.

these tunes sound like demo tracks from sample packs too.


Honestly he’s so full of shit. It’s such bs that he doesn’t want to repress all the old DMZs but wants to “focus on new music”. Tectonic is getting new releases all the time and Pinch just represses the whole tectonic plates series. Come on now.


ITT: dsf finally calls mala out


this was always a cop out. if he did, he wouldnt play them out imo.


The Great Dubstep Swindle


mala is tanamushi/\tanamushi is mala/lofah is burial


Some of the tunes on Cuba weren’t all that either. Surely wait to hear the whole thing before writing it off lol


live at Dimensions Fest, looks like a sick one. 11:14 track?
edit: Aardvark - Untitled 1 :gunfinger:


I dunno mate… the whole album banged imo


MAC was a bit shit wasn’t it, the best and most interesting track was mainly by Simbad.
3 other good tracks and that’s it.

This new track sounds aight, it’s weird the more i listen the less i like. The artwork is decent though.


swear i’m the only person that liked the tunnel best off the cuba tracks

it slaps no lie


Now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve listened to mala in Cuba since the first few months since it came out. Can literally only remember that noches tune off the top of my head


Tunnel was best tune on it.


I thought both Calle F and Cuba Electronica were utterly forgettable and so never listened to the album. don’t think I missed much tbh.


yeah, i agree, only tune i can actually remember. may need to give the album another listen some time soon


Big b-line into funny morning read last 20 or so.