Mala - Mirrors


it all makes sense now…



Mixed feelings about this one. Sounds a bit overproducer tbh… loads of different sounds just thrown in for the sake of it and some of them don’t sound nice at all tbh. Sound like they’ve been recorded in live just cause he can then throwing effects on them.

Still has that old Mala vibe though but its like he found an incomplete old project and updated it 2016 mala in peru style.

Less is more Mala m8.


Is that a kazoo in there?



i was sorta feeling it. then the distorted kazoo and cowbell came in.



^rating that


These are all bollocks



it’s alright apart from the drums, feel way too busy for that tune


honestly think kotos and 4th elements r kinda wonderful

some real acid in this thread about poor old mark lol

(still laughing at the kazoo)


MALA All night- 17/06- Bristol. RC1


Love that Red Eye put Mala Mirrors next to Vivek SYSTM003 ha ha coincidence?

…maybe this ought t b n a Red Eye appriciation thread : /


Respect RKM. Yeah those are pretty good. Only listened to three and tbh good as it is makes me appreciate In Cuba even more ha ha. listening to a couple of trax once leaves much to be desired.

no doubt copping it, nuff respect for the artist to hear it the way they intended


Mala interview:


Mala in Antartica next then.


Actually Wiley should do it


You can now listen to more tracks on the Bandcamp page.

So far what I’m hearing is pretty Zzz…