Mala - Mirrors


Lol is this self parody


Levels are hilariously high




Mala has to be fucking with us at this point


After watching the interviews i would say most definitely not

Aynchunt memorieees


Maybe he is the foretold second coming of Bob marley


Mala in a Sex Shop.


All snippets out now on juno:


Mala in Holy Wood… Sorry, I had to do it :mrgreen:




I’ve got mixed feelings all around. Not bothered about buying it night now.


it’s better than Mala in Cuba in my opinion, though as the review says, it doesn’t stand out from the dubstep pool as much as In Cuba did when it was released


sick, i’ve always wanted some magical mala joss sticks. can’t wait to be healed by them shits while i’m drinking my madlib coffee and smoking my snoop dogg® weed


i see prices for the 3LP Box ranging between £26.99 and £34 … are there any differences?


The one on Mala’s bandcamp (£34) includes the CD (and perhaps d/l code, not sure) the one on the usual outlets (like redeye) is just the vinyl I think


On Bandcamp the CD isnt noted anymore in the 3LP-option


it isn’t noted in the limited edition signed version either but it was in there


Jorge Reyes - Dance

Mala - Shadows


Juno had the box set with CD & mp3 download & incense for 23.90$

Redeye has remained 23 pounds (30.92$) for what looks to be only the vinyl

Bandcamp box set is 34 pounds (45.71) only bonus here is WAV or AIFF

Everytime I added Mala Mirrors to my basket on Juno it said it was out of stock so i went for the second least expensive, Red Eye

I dont care about downloads, cds, incense or art, I just want the wax as least expensive as possible

…cant believe I missed the 23.90$ Juno deal


mala farts into the gatefold £34 boxsets personally

i don’t think you get that with the cheaper 1s