Mala - Mirrors


Wonder how long it took him to fart into every single one. :corntard:


After all the gimmicks, jokes and general dread about this album; I’m pleasantly surprised. The non-dance music bits are really nice, as well as a couple of good storming 140 tunes. I think i might prefer it to Cuba


on Juno, $30.20 for vinyl, cd, download aaaaaand incense.

At California this still looks to be the most cost effective. And redeye doesnt say anything about a CD or download

Edit: i love artwork


The album on juno is still available, i bought a copy a couple of days ago


I fully agree


Sound Motives episode 3 featuring Mala drops on Monday, so here’s a preview in advance of the full 60 minute audio documentary.


anyone want to get together with all our incense strips and have a dub infused BBQ?


was i just not paying attention or did this receive a lot less media promotion and interest than cuba

swear so few people have been talking about this (i mean outside of this thread)


funny, cos i rate it more than cuba.


That’s cause it’s wack and people don’t like criticising Mala.

Years ago i thought Mala could and never will do no wrong.
Just proves everyone peaks tbh.

Still doesn’t take anything away from what he did pre-Cuba, always will be some of the most exciting/interesting/unique music ever made imo.


Further to that, In Cuba came out at a time when the music press were banging on about “post-dubstep” and where the sound goes next, so one of the biggest names in the scene making an “experimental” album was bound to catch lots of attention.


I’ve felt this way too. I rated Cuba, and I rate this one. This one feels more roots Mala. synthesizing his recordings and experiences in this places with his traditional workflow. one that a lot will say sounds outdated now, it seems



Really feeling this Mala remix