Matt U calls it a day

While getting the the xmas spirit I decided to give away two tunes I
made earlier this year: ‘IVORY’ and ‘BEND’ Feel free to play them
wherever you want and share with whoever you want. Also, these
are probably the last Matt-U tunes you will ever hear - boys and girls,
I’m calling it a day. It’s been heaps of fun!

Posted by Matt-U on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quite liked this one of his…

Ivory is big

Mate Ivory is massive - I swear I’ve heard it in a rinse mix before?

haha should have checked before, knew i’d heard it on J:kenzo

Looking through my collection and scoped this bangor by him and Riskoteque


big up matt u, thanks for all the sick tunes

one of my fav eps in the day

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oh yeah, and this absolute stomper

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Favorite Matt-U Tune:

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Taking bets on how many weeks until his big, mildly embarrassed reunion tour.

na won’t happen

thanks Matt
outta your Hungarian dungeon
you gave us some lovely weight

probably my fave Matt-U tune

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