Mini synths

Looking at getting some sort of mini synth, was looking at the microkorg?
Any recommendations?

Why mini?


Do you care if its a module or keyboard?


I think he wants to minimize the extent to which he’s overcompensating with the purchase :badteeth:

Basically gonna plug it into my mixer and play through the speakers of my turntables

Also £250 is about right, me and my flat mate are gonna go two’s on it, just something to mess about on

Used MicroBrute?

Are you sayin get a used microbrute or have I tried it?
Just to clarify I haven’t tried any synth.
Sorry just a bit lean and drunk

sorry : ). suggesting a microbrute

Ah ok cool i’ll look into it.
I know next to fuck all about synths, mainly wanna use it to create ambient, chilled out, spacey pad sounds etc
But also maybe to create a drum track to play guitar along to aswell

What about Mininovas? Good choice??

I would recomend the UltraNova over the Mini…I got my Ultra for 365 usd manufacturer referb. Just more hands on control.

That being said…the MiniNova is the same synth engine and is a really nice digital pad/ambience synth. Usable onboard FX delay, reverb, chorus to help you out. Also tons of mosulation options. Chord memory and Arp as well!

Id take the MiniNova over the MicroKorg any day of the week personally…but its really all subjective taste.

Bought the Mininova, should be delivered anytime today. Can’t fukin wait

Are you planning to sync it with your turntables?

Just going to plug it into one of the line channels to use through my speakers


“The Anyware Instruments MINISIZER is an almost palm-sized analog modular synthesizer from the maker of the Tinysizer and Moodulator.


1 OSC, 6 Waveforms incl. 2 Sub´s
Moog-style ladder filter,
3 VCAs,
4 CV-MIDI & Gate
6 jacks for interfacing with “the world”,
24 Knobs,
143 Patch Points
2 AC/DC coupled lin/exp ctrl,
PWM, sync,
noise generator (white)
ring modulator
2 LFO & inverter,
1 more inverter, clipper
3 Mixer
More info:“

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man that tinysizer is pretty impressive sounding too. 399 euro seems like a very fair price for the mini. Just wish the form factor was a bit bigger (i know that being small is part of the ting but still, thats rly small)

Seems like something ideal for someone gigging out - less so for darkened home studios.

ya true, still looks like a powerful piece of kit for the studio as well

I haven’t played with the Tinysizer, but I played with some earlier Anyware stuff, the SEM clone if I remember correctly. My impression was that it was really ballsy sounding, closer to a vintage monosynth than a lot of modern analogs (which I still love, just a different sound).
It’s a lot of power packed into a small space, but I would be worried about breaking or loosing those tiny patch cables!

I’ll take those tiny cables over the tiny pegs for VCS3s any day… :badteeth:

Haha, true. I’m sure those are an absolute nightmare to keep track of.