Mini synths


those “patch cables” are cheap as chips, they are used for breadboard prototyping and are cheap and easy to buy more of (or make, but probably cheaper to buy)

edit: a very quick google search show packs of 40 for under $5


Hope it’s cool to jack this thread, thinking of dipping into hardware for the first time but space is a big issue for me, is there any reason I shouldn’t buy a microbrute?

Mainly want it cos I’ve been working in the box for a few years and I wanna get a bit more hands on creativity going. Was thinking of using it to record drone/ambience/fx straight into my interface and I can add fx in cubase until I get a nice hardware reverb/delay.
Anyone advise against this? Not versatile enough?


I love my Microbrute but it depends on what you want to do with it. It only has one oscillator but you can make it sound pretty fat with some of its functions like the Metalizer.

You may want to look into Roland’s boutique series. Or perhaps a Behringer Model D but those are still on backorder.


Roland JP-08 might do the trick with a key controller.


Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of people praise it’s sound. It’s that, it’s size and the modular options that are swaying me, the pitch/modwheel is useful too cos my keyboard doesn’t have one. I’m assuming you’ve had it for a while? I was gonna wait and grab the Behringer but I’m seeing that more as an upgrade for later on


i personally dont really like my microbrute, it was my first analog synth and i just feel like its not very inspiring for me personally.


Nice one for that, it actually looks really cool and is one of the few I’ve seen that looks a similar size to the Microbrute, seriously considering


Good to know! This was my main reason for asking, was really worried I’d love it for a week and then realise it’s limitations too quick and regret buying it. Minimum wage forces me to overthink these kinds of purchases so I appreciate the honesty


For me, it was not my first analog synth and it isn’t my only analog synth. I wanted to explore its semi-modular nature and its built in sequencer. Right now I’m controlling via CV/Gate with a BeatStep Pro sequencer.


yeah, i actually do enjoy the microbrute a lot more used in conjunction with other stuff.

Running midi seq from ableton and then the from the brute’s CV outs goin into my modular is a lot of fun, esp since you can still use the keyboard to add notes on top of the midi seq.

The osc does sound really good and really sounds great with a high quality reverb.

On its own tho…still cant really recommend it. I would go for something that has a more diverse sound palette personally. Or something like the Korg MS20mini.

the Korg Minilogue is p cool too.


Based on what you said I had another look round, think I’m gonna save up a bit longer and grab a Bass Station 2, the ms20 mini looks really cool but space is such a massive issue for me, thanks for the help, might come back to the Microbrute for fun later on, really like the idea of the sequencer.


BS2 is a great choice. Recently tried that, the Minilogue, Microbrute and ms20 next to
each other. I liked the Bass Station the best in terms of getting the sounds that I wanted from it.

Friend of mine bought it. I think I’ll hold out for a 101.


Not sure what msrp is on this but it’s Behringer so…



I’m all about that Behringer Pro-One. I have an original but some chips have died and the fact that the Behringer chip clones are pin compatible means that it’s now the cheapest way to get replacements :stuck_out_tongue:

Pro-One and MS20 are the most interesting of the vintage analog mono synths. Lots of depth squeezed into a small interface and they both have a great and distinctive sound.


I am interested in both the Behringer Pro-One and the Odyssey. I should have a Boog arriving tomorrow. Out of all of those, I think that the Boog is the most mini.

I have an MS-20mini, and I agree that it is a great sounding analog synth. Even though it is 15% smaller than the original MS-20, it is still not that mini of a synth.


Isn’t the pro-one the same size as the Boog?


I think you are right. I had the B Odyssey on my mind.