Mix of the day thread


@Molzie: yu getting versa coming thru? He’s in Sindey this weekend. Should be good.




dub war vibies, dubestep in america





Track list:
Omid Walizadeh - Modern Persian Speech Sounds pt. 1 (B/ta’arof)
Demdike Stare - Trapped Dervish (DDS)
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Mea Culpa (Sire)
Gulls - System Pools Shock Version (Common Language)
Jah Vengeance - No Light (Full Watts)
Tapes Meets the Drums of Wareika Hill Sounds - Datura Mystic Dub (Honest Jons)
Pan American - East Coast Bugs (BSI)
Alter Echo & E3 - Dub Mi Name (Ambient Dubplate)
Andy Stott - Execution (Modern Love)
Equiknoxx Music - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up (DDS)
Sly, Lenkie & Frenchie - Dark Side (Mo Wax)
Aardvarck - Beukeboom (Eat Concrete)
Team Shadetek - Balkan Nights Riddim (Shockout)



Came here to post this. Objekt is miles ahead of the competition; his grasp on rhythmic interactions is second to none. Stunning.


Pack up you little dubplates and go away with them. Rubbish!



Part 1

Part 2

Visions of the meaning of koyaanisqatsi


Massive show from Dugs on april 9

Dennis Mixman outa Blackamix April 12


Edit 3

Edit4 now:


Sully on Keysound show


Pugilist’s guest mix (1/2 of Perverse) is definitely worth a listen. Good stuff.


A new bi monthly pod-cast presented by Quest where he plays the latest in up front 140, Dubstep, Grime and bass music, with up coming innerverse releases as well in the mix!


Jonah Freed - Time Dilation (innerverse 001) out now!!
Rocks Foe - Gong
Epoch & Rider Shafique - Listen Dis
Gramz - Pew Pew Pew
Eva 808 - Prrr
Malleus - Pharmaceutical Prisoner
Karma - Jade Pitt (forthcoming System 015)
De-Tu - Wicked Skank
Pulsar - Inspiration Dub
Gantz - Shivy
Samba x Headland - Salt Talk
Silkie - Reevea
Oxossi - Escher (forthcoming Crucial Records 011)
Jonah Freed - Mobb Mentality
Dubdiggerz - Busted (Gourmet Beats 010) out now!!
dBridge - Digital Dread (Sentry Records) out now!!
Egoless - Dub liberation (V.I.V.E.K Remix)
Commodo - Untitled
L wiz - Dab it like Dan (West side Dubs 001)
Gemmy - Lost love (forthcoming World of wonders)
Joker - Troll Riddim
Trashbat - Meat eater ( forthcoming Version collective 009)
JLSXND7RS - Suit Case
Sir Spyro - Vent
Rocks Foe - Brawl R.I.P version
Dj Marsta - Hollow (Marsta beats)

Quest Power hour Mix

Sleeper x Thelem x Mesck - Strawberry Cough (Crucial Recordings) out now!!
Jamakabi - Hot it up (Kahn & Neek remix)
Commodo - S is for Snakes (or S is for S0LD 0UT lol) Bandulu records
Gramz - Dope spots
Ether - Dafunk (Samba & Chokez Remix)
Kromestar - No Mercy
Malleus - Invisigoth (Innerverse 002)
Joker - Untitled
Dubdiggerz - LE HOSPITAL
V.I.V.E.K - Rules of The Dance
V.I.V.E.K - Killa
Benga & Coki - Night (SP00KY REFIX)
TMSV - Bazooka
Kahn - Streets Of Rage
Armour - Freestyle
Gemmy - Bamboozled
JlSXND7RS - Akuma On Marz
Dexplicit & Trigga - Stop Chat
Sukh Knight - Nightcrawler VIP
Kahn & Neek - Fierce (Commodo Remix) Bandulu Records out now!!
Jonah Freed & Samba - Dream Sequence VIP
Samba - Malignant (Bukez Finest remix)
Mesck - Doomslayer
Oxossi - Don’t Bitch (Innerverse 002)
Sleeper x Thelem - Squeeze Off (Crucial Recordings) out now!!
Boofy - Ledge
Sir Spyro - Be Afraid
Headland - Seen
Ago - So Mi Say VIP
Pulsar - Step Off
Foamplate - Quake
Sleeper - Muckerz
Silkie - West Man
Kromestar - Davinche Kode
Oxossi & Malleus - Amongst The Hemlock (Innerverse 002)
Commodo - Lightz
Samba - Ladrao
Jonah Freed, Samba & Trisicloplox - Blood From The Faucets
Swindle - Airmiles VIP
Coki - Goblin (DMZ)
Silkie - Untitled

d/l-able 320


Noice weekend selections


After the May jKenzo show I listened to this twice so far today: Dusky May 6th on Rinse


been listening to this again and again since it dropped last year.


These are all solid;


Spectacular ride through IDM, electro and spaced-out techno landscapes. Great pacing, great music. Had me all emotional at some points.