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‘Best’ and ‘Trance’ do not belong in a sentence together.

Acts 22:17-21


90’s trance is a little different from new trance haha. The only music that stays the same





You forget that I heard old shitty trance when you were a little kid and new shitty trance when you were… well, here anyway.

Mind you my opinion on Trance comes from experience playing hardware.

When I bought my first drum machine in the early 90s and discovered what “programming” 4/4 house/techno beats entailed, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

When I also bought my first analog synth in the early 90s and discovered the Resonance and bandpass knobs (a la Trance) I was like “oh goddammit you asshole - tweak this one knob randomly for 9 minutes over a canned loop and call it art?! FUCK OFF.”

Of course, now I realize that an occasional tune can have an interesting 4/4 [like any other rhythm], or that it is possible for a fool to actually play one knob like an instrument to create a compelling, expressive performance…

…but I ain’t heard it in Trance yet (and I mean the strict genre definition, don’t be trying to tell me Shpongle is this or that.)

Ironically I think that the one thing Trance gets right is almost completely untouched by most other genres and mainstream practitioners of electronic music - chords. Chords and chord transitions, relationships, intervals are the source of incredible musical nuance and expressiveness and yet there’s barely any of it compared to classical, jazz, and even rock.

Anyway… :salute: :eggplant:

More chords and fuck Trance. That’s all I gotta say.


I wonder if music can change any more


If you have to ask you’re gonna hate it lol


I made some good trance on my ps2 15 years ago. Wish I had that music, people would say it was good

It was mostly techno. I was going to try making music on the pc but I bought reason and could never figure it out


I really like early 90s “proto-trance”; the stuff that was still decidedly house and techno, but started showing signs of things to come.

off the top of my head…

Black Merlin did a de nom “proto trance” mix once, but it was almost exclusively on the techno side of things, which I’m not very familiar with. Anyway, still my mix of the day :stuck_out_tongue:



out to @RKM, nice vibies on this one man



Youngsta - Live At Fwd - 03/06/2004

  1. D1- Boiler
  2. Loefah- Truly Dread
  3. Loefah- Horror Show
  4. Loefah- Voodoo
  5. Digital Mystikz/ Mala- Walkin With Jah
  6. Digital Mystikz/ Coki- Country Man
  7. Loefah- Twis Up (Youngsta & Task remix)
  8. D1- Crack Bong
  9. D1- Enigma
  10. Loefah- Movements
  11. Loefah- Babylon
  12. Digital Mystikz/ Coki- Lost City
  13. Digital Mystikz- Awake
  14. Unknown



last 1 is d1 - no turning back


First track recognised that shit:


bay area pressure

(dont mind the n-type photo, saule in full form here; absolutely slamming set)




Oh my garshk




Intro Asher World v Gemi Magic v Coxsone v V Rocket, - 1991
Herion Lyrics Tippertone v Sirena - 1985
Highteous v Java - 1983
Screamer & Daddy Freddy on the Acid Lick, Sir Coxsone v Java v Unity, London - 1989
Java Nuclear @ Notting Hill Carnival ft. Shinehead - 1986
Merritone Sound System (UK), Southall Park, London - 1987
Saxon v Ravers Supermix, Bristol - 1984
Raiders 32, Bristol - 1985
Jamdown Rockers v King Tubbys @ Notting Hill Carnival - 1986
Stereograph v Frontline, Norwood - 1982
Sugar Minott & Stepping Miguel World of Sorrow + Dub - Sir Coxsone, Wandsworth Town Hall - 1979
Stereograph, Norwood Hall - 1980
Ras Midas Good Old Days + Dub - Sir Coxsone, Wandsworth Town Hall - 1979
Aba Shanti, Leicester Carnival - 1991
Jah Shaka, Dalston - 1981
Jamdown Rockers v Young Lion - 1985
Saxon, Notting Hill Carnival - 1994
Stereograph, Notting Hill Carnival - 1984
Tippertone v Sirena - 1985