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not sure if repost, but this is quality

selection is really out there too, like ambient and weird obscure folk tunes for 2 hours


Should do a Vladimir Ivkovic & Tolouse Low Trax all night long this season.


out to the old forum for this one



pressure FM vibes


Our weather is shit; it’s cold outside and the sky is grey. Listening to this soothing, yet sometimes disturbing ambient session renders life under a blanket even cozier than it already is.




Stewart Copeland – Autumn Plains
Stewart Copeland – Winter Tundra
Sharp Veins – ake9 (wave lapse mix)
Nobukazu Takemura – Icefall
Bibio – The Ephemeral Bluebell
Burial – Shell Of Light (Extract)
Iglew – Rapidly Towards The Shore
Julia Holter – Hello Stranger
David DeCorte – Meditation 1
Iglew – Music Box
Iglew – Light Motif


Tribal Grime mix by @isonselekta featuring the best of mc’s & producers of UK

1.True Money by Hypho ft Hypes
2.Rashi by Jd Reid ft D Double E
3.Bring me Down by Thelem
4.Headtop by Enei ft Chimpo
5.Skanks by Decibel ft Flowdan
6.Fat Mac 90 by Killa P
7.Liff by Capo Lee ft P Money, Footsie & President T
8.Civil War by Sleeper ft Jamakabi
9.Flatline by Flowdan
10.Play Your Corner by Wen ft Riko Dan remix by Kahn & Neek
11.Waco by Trim

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Rinsing this one today… That West Coast Rocks VIP! I had the impression Matty G’s gonna return but this is the last thing we’ve heard from him, unfortunately…



1.Zdot - Gully
3.Novelist - Tash
4.Kid D - Praying Mantis
5.Faze Miyake - Macka
6.Zdot - Soundwave
7.Faze Miyake - Dr. Pepper
8.Zdot - Bucket Hat
9.Faze Miyake - Go!
10.Swifta Beater - M Sport
11.Zha - Southampton Lengman (Frampster Remix)
12.Royal T - Mega
13.Spooky - Bruce Wayne (Spooky R.I.P)

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enjoyed this a lot



The Hydronaut vs Morgan Geist - Deep In The Feeling [Aquarhythms]
Nimbus Quartet - Hep Cat Speaketh [Sounds]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Glide By Shooting [Emissions Audio Output]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Spin Desire [Emissions Audio Output]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Bim, Jack And Florence [Emissions Audio Output]
Deanne Day - The Long First Friday [Emissions Audio Output]
Communication X - Duality (Phase Two) [Muzique Tropique]
Urban Farmers - Last Chance To Dance [20:20 Vision]
Aphrodisiac - Earth Whispers [BPM]
Nail - Try [DiY Discs]
N.Y. Connection - Bless The Funk [Evolution/Universal Language Productions Ltd]
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Mess Of Afros (Glenn Underground Remix) [SSR]
Boo Williams - Make Some Noise [Relief]
Stacy Kidd - Think Of You (Paul’s Party Mix) [Peacefrog]
Wyndell Long - She Heard Me Cry [Peacefrog]
Motorbass - Neptune [Basenotic]
Discocaine - Keep On [Zoom]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Turn The Filter Off [Emissions Audio Output]
Freaks - One For The Diary [Phono]
Restless Soul - Sykodelik [Basement 282]
Kenlou III - What A Sensation (Sensational Beats) [MAW]
DJ Camacho - Renegade (The Dance Tracks Fugitive Version) [Sumo]

(pretty sure there are mistakes on that after listening though…)


Track at 23:30 is MENTAL