Any else started using this thing recently? Ive only recently started attempting to use it again after sacking it off for being fugly.

I am struggling to adjust from Soundcloud cos fuck me is it awful to look at. Im following like 5 people and all I see is “Getdarker has uploaded 8.9million new tracks”

Its quite good for getting Mesck and Joe nices show but I could do with some more people to follow and so on. Trainwreck (think its his ui) has some really cool mixes that have been on post-club.
Also the lack of a download button is mad frustrating.

You can get a google chrome add on called harvester to download stuff from mix cloud

Worth following slimzee for his nts shows

Planning to get on this as soon as I start making clean promo mixes. I noticed that it won’t allow you scroll through the mix if some part of it has a tagged song.

I just made one. I agree. It’s ugly. Is it the same kinda idea as SoundCloud? That’s what it seems like. I’ll upload some of my tracks I guess.
My SoundCloud is full of incomplete rough drafts.

:blush: thanks for the shout man

tbh i think mixcloud is pretty shit as a community/sharing platform, the few plays i get are either friends/acquaintances or from spamming my shit in the mixes forum…

i suspect that since they’re trying to push their “pro” offer more aggressively its harder to get visibility as a non paying user… and dont get me started on this new policy of not showing the tracklist…

its for uploading mixes, not individual tracks, the only reason its better than soundcloud is they dont take down your mix for having a hyperdub tune in it

Yeah Im not really getting who it appeals too at the moment. The chart thing is fairly interesting, found a few mixes that were good via that.

time to jump ship

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