Mixmag - Top 50 labels of the decade (07-17)

You probably won’t guess number one. I certainly didn’t.

Edit: Yeah the page is one giant list so beware, espesh on phones.

Tried reading this a couple times on my phone now but cant get very far down the list…is it hessle audio ??

good seeing monstercat near the top


That page almost killed my PC/browser.

love that fart track

dirtybird, really?

good seeing R&S where it is though

off topic : what’s the deal with Tempa these days, Haven’t seen anything from them in awhile?

Good that Hyperdub just beat Mau5trap.


also what the fuck is this

That’s what I thought.

a pile of shit

I thought Hyperdub would be top.

The top 10 is a bit of a mess considering they’ve included Warp, Stones Throw, Metalheadz ect.