Moody, Dark, and, Melodic Tune

I went for a more bleak, atmospheric tune this time around and played around a bit with sampling (on the strings).

What do you thin k about the transitions between each section, the mix-down and overall vibe/direction?


Mix is slightly high, digging the hats and percs, flute is nice, strings are lit… big one

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I like this tune, you built a complex and impressive atmosphere!

The bass coming in at 1:50 is really big - i love it!
I also like the drums , but i miss some deeper freqs in the kick, they sound a bit weak.
Maybe you could have built some longer ending of this tune.

Also i think that some sounds are drowning a bit and the mastering could be cleaner but i not good in that, so i can’t give you any advice here. :slight_smile:

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Think the sub is a little weak and the snare is a little quiet but the vibe is great and the rest of the sounds make it a great experimental tune. Keep up the good work.

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