Most of my music from last year in a mix

I recorded a mix with almost entirely original music and a few songs from my friends. hope everyone is having a good new year so far

I just did the same thing bruv. All these are unreleased and 100% me besides a remix I did for Makak.

Bout to give a rinse on yours now

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yo big up, Iā€™m about 3 minutes in and this is some mad heat

Thanks g! Glad you like em, I gotta work harder on getting some of these released

Your track at 8 minutes is incredible. Shoot me a dm when that one is released. I will rinse it to death.

Check your DMs, you got it

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cheers my mans. this one will definitely be in the next mix I record

@Stance_ReThinK your reddit name is interesting :corntard:

@syrup I refuse to take responsibility for that reddit post