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Coulda sworn I started a Tarraxa/Zouk Bass thread but can’t find it for the life… however yeah some of it def works here. Kamixlo is kind of the big example there.

EDIT: lol that thread went up 6 years ago on the old site

EDIT 2: almost forgot about this site - might be of interest @topmo3:


Mumdance brut.


Tbh I still no idea wtf the brut is, but intuituion says this one is brut.
Make sure to check 2:26+


Video n/a



Ouch, maybe at least this gonna work:

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Yeeeeah. Wanna hear more.


new Kablam incoming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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new Tygapaw album is also p nice, nothing too groundbreaking or anything but it p good, fragile is fun in the mix


cc: @CreamLord: some bits in here i think you’d dig

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Woii. Heard beauts the other day, will go through the compilation properly when I get some time this week, liking the lsdxoxo tune

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came out on hyperdub last year, nice record :slight_smile:

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Really in love with this particular style lately. Nowadays people are so burned out of tagging and categorizing that no-one came up with labels to make this stuff searchable. Maybe it’s even better this way though.

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this is so fucking rambunctious


this album from last year is so good


holy shit, not typically a big enjoyer of Dax J’s stuff but this one is 2 much


Wasn’t @Pokus asking about multi-taps recently?


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Maybe this little thing I made could find a place in here?
Made using only samples courtesy of @_ronzlo (apart from the sub)

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new TAR :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: