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This tune - breaking the mold for this thread but you could throw this in any set that’s starting to get too weird and get the girls back on the dancefloor…

Tune is sexy af




^Crazy sound design. Opening gave me goosebumps. Great stuff.


yeah man, idk if you clocked the description too, p cool stuff, would love to have a play with that patch

"The piece originated as a Max patch that creates compositions based on values generated from an existing audio file. While the resulting composition depends on the values derived from the original audio file, the values do not allow for a direct translation (i.e., nothing from the original audio file can be heard in the resulting composition). Instead, the derived values are used to generate MIDI data and control the playback of other audio files and samples. In the case of I Apologize, the original audio file was chosen for its personal symbolism. The other audio files and samples were primarily culled from old and unreleased material. The resulting composition was then deconstructed, rearranged, heavily processed, and embellished. "


Definitely. I’ll bet @knobgoblin would too.

Any other acts on that label you’d recommend?


im actually not very familiar with the label, I found them because they do the tape duplication for Low Income $quad. Gotta look into them more

this whole album is killer, this is just the title track


Holy shit this is fucking :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

@knobgoblin @cyclopian @Tolsof and anyone else I forgot to mention


yeah, unleash me is great



Love the tension cable samples


always nice to see the spring reverb outside jah -peow peow-

techno but I’ve been playing this in the brut context lately to nice effect, pretty impeccable production on this as well


Can’t decide how I feel about this stuff lol. Feel like a year ago I woulda loved it but now…


It’s interesting - I had a new SC feature pop up, some kind of custom feed of things they think I’d like - and some of it is cool and all, and some of it is like nu-metal/riddim hybrids with stupid song titles lol.

I’m feeling a little bit more tonality, more chords lately.

But I think it’s definitely a good idea to be picky.



I listened to this earlier today and it made my eyes water (in a good way, like hot sauce.)




honestly tho, I’d be down to put out a 7" of this… or a more proper release on material sound… love it

guessing it already has plans tho?



if you’d like to hand out a ninja exclusive dub pls pm

I’m currently building a tracklist for an upcoming mix through my outfit thrdeyevsn


Sega Bodega fits pretty well with this type of stuff, especially his most recent double single on Crazylegs. This is a collab he’s done with Iglooghost.