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Think he’s done some stuff with The Bug, tho nothing released yet. So sounds like it fits.

lenham i worked this brazilian gig on sunday, like ballads from sexy men with goatees

but at one point one of the acts did a tune that i’ve heard in like every bala club/precious metals/endless type set for aaaaaaaaaaaages lol

i need to find out the name i’m sure you’d have heard it, was so jokes and had 0 people at work that i could possibly tell about it that’d have any clue wtf i was on about

haha I feel like I know exactly what you mean but I couldnt name it to save my life.

papo three papa hu rass

rough phonetic attempt

this 1 lool

64 mill views

he’s like a huge star in s america apparently i assumed he was just part of the crew…

I actually quite like this





this is such a fucking SICK set

can anyone ID the tune coming in at around 5:40 such belter

or any of the tracks all I know of em are kelela’s enemy instrumental and courts

ahh i know that vocal

dunno tho feel like i’ve heard that version too

wuts the vocal boss

tune @ 1:30 :corntard:

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new Arca:

this is cool too:

think I saw lotic on a street in berlin the other day should of taken a photo with him

Lol based off his Twitter hed have loved that

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Rabit incoming soon, not sure if you saw. Not sure if I can make it tho