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jeez haha


paging Mr @_ronzlo


Spoooooky vibes, love it.

The sound is sort of rinsing through a bunch of other genres - there’s a lot of ‘brutstep’ around 140 (many of @particle-jim’s contributions here for example) and then there’s a whole ton of techno w this organic, gritty vibe as well (h/t to @cyclopian for hopping me to it.)

Interesting. :thinking:


im not even sure anymore haha, i personally have drifted far away from the original ballroom meets club meets nu-metal stuff that I feel was really “brut” at the time. Now i kinda just look at music that the og brut stuff led me to as being in the same ting; if that makes sense.

I feel like the super distortion heavy dubstep stuff ala the Encryption camp isn’t really directly related to brut, but goes nicely alongside it.

Maybe im just basing this off my fan boyism of WWWings as being the ‘gold standard’ for the brut sound.

One interesting thing is how learning about a new genre will sort of shape the lens you look at other music through. I guess thats what im talking about here mostly.

For example: been listening to some old Aardvarck tunes again and hear a lot of brut-ish qualities in his stuff, strange little micro-edits, and really harsh sound design juxtaposed with culturally more ‘nice’ things or approachable things

not related:
also this fucking monster of a tune:

(UIQ is a great label btw, think you’ll really enjoy their output, sort of a clubby idm/deconstructed thing, super high quality productions throughout)

this deconstructed dub techno tune is an absolute beast as well, nutty production on this (also released on UIQ)


some heet on here


Not crazy bout Track 1 but Track 2 = :fire: :fire: :fire:


different tone here but sickky af imo



Big up @cyclopian for hopping me to Eomac

This track is so dope and unusual…

Also this




Post-everything lol


new Amnesia Scanner album incoming in Sept!