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new TAR heat


YONA is a first generation, virtual singer from Ash Koosha’s new project/company “Auxuman” in collaboration with digital creator Isabella Winthrop. The Auxuman (Auxiliary Human) is an Artificial Intelligence that functions via a variety of generative methods/softwares, collaborating with the "human” producer to present a virtual performance similar to human performers/idols. Unlike Alexa or Siri, Yona inspires rather and assist you by being a virtual/internet companion that responds to the creative environment you build.



You’re on a roll dude. Are we need to get’s Howl’s last set on here and the next wave of Brut has arrived in full…

:cornblur: :smashedlol: :cornblur:

Seriously tho - the new Amnesia Scanner sounds amazing mixwise, really mature and full. New Tar also sounds :fire:.

That Yona ting is pretty cool - can definitely say it “doesn’t sound like anyone” in a different way.

And last vid… fuck. Plus the one you just texted me…

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this is so fucking large. those guys are so dope, I think one of them is an architect or something. before AS they did some p cool bass music as well etc under “renaissance man”



posted this in another thread, but also fits here, I know @particle-jim is a Sectra fan

Made this video last year for Encrypted, they didnt really end up using it so posting it now that the tunes are out


yooo this is sick dude! big ups



⇧The drum synthesis, sound design (like distorted drones), and overall arrangement is pretty top notch. Good find.


can thank Howl for this re-find. She played a track from someone on this same label during her last show and reminded there me is a lot of sick stuff on that label. (Raster Noton)

hyper minimal idm stuff for the most part, killa


Goth-Trad’s new project, fucking grim


Cool to see that coming out on Bedouin


@knobgoblin this one seems up your alley


That Goth Trad/Eartaker track…


:gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger:

Love it. Heavy af. Wonder if that metallic “ding” 1-2 starting early is bitcrushing or what. Vocals remind me a little of Attila Csihar.


You should go to this.


oh shit, didnt even know there was a DTE going down tonight :frowning: looks like a good one too, way too tired to reach out to the city right now tho, just got done with a 2 hour modular session and im wrecked from it hah



Azeri Rodigan lol! That shit rocked.


uggggh the new Sectra is fucking nasty