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reminds me a bit of imamis stuff
its like its 80s but hard and electronic


Jeeeeeeesus that’s ace!!



(And big up @cyclopian again for turning me on to him. :smile_cat:


New rabit release sounding dutty.


i almost signed these to my own label last year, wasnt quite right for me at the time but im super glad these are coming out, absolute monsters on a system, scary tbh.


Listening to these again on the Sennheisers…

You know anything about his rig?

@cyclopian what label is that Rabit release on?



sounds like when the disc breaks
then sequenced



I think it was self released.

The cassette is a ridiculously limited release. But fortunately the full mixtape is on bandcamp to download and listen to. Some of the single tracks are on bandcamp to download as well


Next level chopped n screwed

Track that begins around 18:30 :smashedlol:


in relation to this, I have two issues. first, I don’t seem to be able to access that mixtape or the individual tracks through his bandcamp? that is hella weird, the latest upload shown for me is the tri angle album. also, totes unable to find this guy on soundcloud lol only get some other weird ass artist who name rabit


this link doesn’t work for you?

I dont think Rabit has a soundcloud anymore tbh, think there is just this one for his label Halcyon Veil

(cant link direct to soundcloud accounts because of the embed)

there is also this… seems a bit BS tho, probably just an auto-generated account for paid SC streaming.


lol ok that explains it cheers bro


did you see my 500 edits there lol


Track #4 is the one, the Boosie Badazz vocal.

That’s the shit to bump at the stoplight with the windows down lol.


:fire: :speaker: :fire:


part 2




02.42 - 03.26


idk, something about this tune annoys me haha

i think its nosia culture biting or sommat

big production value tho as per usual, just something off and plasticy about the vibe (will give it another go on the speakers tomo, on a low volume ‘relaxed’ listening vibe at the mo)

made me want to listen to El Mahdy which is the silver lining


What do you mean here?
That kinda sounds accusatory and demanding (you man! Explain yourself!) but legit curious :slight_smile: