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brut = refried memes but then not memes but genuine … right?

but what about disgenuine refried fuck music ?
like when just blaze samples Ozones dragostei din tei or i dunno sc trap sampling final fantasy


Are you saying noisia have bait sampled something to make a tune more noticed?


ive not listened to that tune yet
was trying to talk brut in general

re-construction-ism = brut

but then im suggesting : deconstructurerevisionism :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:
like a dummy

i mean remixing bad stuff into good modern stuff instead of building something on nostalgia


i have to agree with cyclo
its too measured


its more like perfectly clean samples recreating a sound someone else is running with


Ah I get ya. Still bangs tho.


im a huge noisia fan / neuro funk nerd
theyve made at least 50+ amazing tracks in my book

but i dunno they just turned into a weird overly studioed thing
( i mean it was always crazy technical how it was produced, but imo they are too correct/clean nowadays i think )

have you checked out billain?


def not “brut” per se, but i’d play it alongside a lot of stuff in this thread


whats ur fav nosia tune?



too many to think of but


Except (afaik) it’s not a Noisia tune:

It’s Amon Tobin.

Perhaps this is my inner Pollyanna being like “yes! Yes! Finally Le Brut gets its spotlight…” but that’s already happened so many times. We’ll see.

And by merit of a “name” DJ/producer releasing this track all kinds of shitty local DJ/producers will try to drop this in their sets (hopefully) and then people will know shit doesn’t have to be on a 4/4 grid to be funky.



Interesting, why is it listed as noisia?

Anyways I don’t hear it as ‘brut’ at all though, more just some tribalish half time thing.


two fingers is amon tobins alias

its weird because its also doubleclicks alias

amon tobin is probably banging som pans in the noisia boys ridic studio (well, no lol)


“In June Thijs (of Noisia) was over at Amon Tobin’s place in LA for a studio session. This is one of the tracks that came out of that session, it was pretty much completely done in 3 days. It was made in a dark place, infused with love for 808 electro, breakbeats, old crusty synthesizers and samplers, alternate tuning scales, and Mezcal & Tonic on the rocks.”


Listen to the broken clavé. That’s the money imo.


Ah I see.

Never really followed Amon’s stuff closely myself


i dont like his stuff tbh


Me neither. Which is why I sat up and took note when I heard tune - seems like he genuinely wants to push beat boundaries.


I listened, I gave it way more chances Thani normally would’ve since it was coming from you. Just doesn’t really connect with me tbh. Can’t win em al :slight_smile:

Big tune for sure though, just…feels a bit hollow or something. Reminds me of big over produced dubstep tunes (not brostep) big sound, lot of good stuff but feels empty

Edit: very poor typing here, I’m drunk it’s my birthday hah


Yeah, the production is def polished. None of that Sd Laika 12db gainfloor biz tho.

And yet:

I hear a clear challenge to Djs to work it into their stagnant thumpy-thump playlists.

That’s prob what I wanna hear tho lol.