฿☈⊎⍡ ⌁≛ 🗿 ≛⌁


me too

im just watching canadian comedy shows when you are making prints :disappointed_relieved::smiley:


its super important to turn part of the brain off once in a while and just relax tbh

spenny’s got our backs



first track is hard



chill ctulhu vibes









Howl doing some damage on SubFM at the mo and im not at work for once, got the speakers slammin here hah

@_ronzlo you locked?

edit: she’s playing one of my new tunes rn :cornblur:


Aw man - been out running errands and forgot!


well youre in luck! she said she’s actually recording this one :slight_smile:




(my tune at 52 minutes btw since im a shameless nerd)






that guy is actually a finnish rapper who started to host a “brut” clubnight a couple years ago and also started to produce under that alias.


nice one, i noticed he had some stuff to do with that ‘thirdeye’ label you were on as well

im curious to hear his rap haha


yes btw theres a new thrdeyevsn compilation out on monday. should of been today but for some reason its been moved. finna be lit with a lot of international artists for the first time and not just :finland: my track there as well ofc lol

his rap: https://soundcloud.com/noah-kin