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only on bandcamp

now on soundcloud as well




Too Wrong has been my anthem lately, jeezus


When an album has more than 3 anthems (like this) it’s a keeper.

AWOL is hooky af. Another Life would go off big in a DJ set imo.


im playin at wormhole next week btw, might be kind of a stretch tho since im playing a bit later than usual


Hellzyeeah. Side Room?


as always haha, apparantly they moved the decks into the actual courtyard now tho, should be interesting

(the promoter made some brostep font logo for me without asking lol, and im also prob not playing much dubstep, not sure yet tho, but think im going brut and jungle)


lol I’ll bring the dab rig and just sit in the courtyard for yer set…

Sounds good tho. Will do my best to make out for sure. Maybe @knobgoblin can use a little lads’ night too.

Edit: font in same group as


ffs cannot remember when I’ve enjoyed a release, especially an album this much. must have been in my teens lol


lol let me make the artwork for the next night that is horrendous


I might hold you to that tbh

I just wanna say I had 0% to do with any part of this flyer and if I had my way my name wouldn’t even be on there lol


fark, the video is sick as well too

F1 video game glitches or sommat haha


so gooood!!


not brut, but this one has been in full rotation here lately and the other music threads kinda suck. vocal explosion at 3 mins is just >>>

I reached out to the label owner to get a copy and he told me they found this as a one off recorded cassette demo tape in a thrift shop. They reached out to Carola and got permission to remaster and release. Apparently the artist had just recorded this for a friend as a gift. Whoever she gifted this to and let it end up in a thrift shop is a shit friend, but im glad it’s been saved from obscurity.

edit: just found this article on it as well


sick stuff :fire: :fire: :fire:


not sure it qualifies as brut™ but am feeling the new ital tek LP


new (?) Mumdance alias sounding promising, excited to hear the rest of the album


fuck this is gut, thanks for the heads up, missed this one


Addicted to the new Amnesia Scanner album. Never have I felt so sickened by something yet so drawn to it. I mentioned how I was physically disgusted looking at the AS Chaos music video lol.

not to mention as well, the concepts & themes behind the album are just as (if not more) interesting