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Im gay af


fuck, that article nearly ruins the album for me, i hate that shit so much

some fucking nerd pontificating and using terms like “URL to IRL”

fuck off

these stupid articles try to quantify all this shit and in doing so completely undermine the whole point, just generating clicks and yelling into empty cyber space trying to make something important of themselves or their platform


wow what a way to describe my feelings. I just felt frustration and slight anger reading that piece. I was like stop trying to make sense of it. it’s just well executed music. I swear music journalists are the worst


So the majority of stuff in this thread is pretty dark sounding right?
What about taking the same style (i know it is loose), techniques and making something lighter sounding?
Lighter as in happier, still heavy in density of sound though.
Probably wouldn’t work but would be interesting to hear what you guys could make


sophie or iglooghost are kind of doing that imo


That first Iglooghost sounded more like a Sophie track than the Sophie one lol
Not a fan of the Iglooghost one, the Sophie one sounded better but still kinda dark


I don’t think it has to be dark or weird as a rule, although most of it def skews that way.

But I think it’s possible to do a full blown happy pop song with the Brut vibe. It’s maybe even one of the last frontiers because it’s kind of antithetical to what a the majority are doing. And when that happens, there’ll probably be Bieber Brut and shit too lol.

Until then I’m super appreciative of all the tremendous tunes you guys are posting. Keep feeding me weird things.



I understand how articles like these can tick ppl off, it overanalyzes, tries to sound deep or cool, or they try to be as contemporary as possible for the sake of being contemporary. But, it is an interview featuring the artists themselves, and it sort of acts like a behind the scenes viewpoint of their mindset behind the whole album. But yeah, a lot of these articles like these are purely shitchat, but at least this one’s interesting enough to me to not be entirely full of shit :badteeth:

^^ another AS interview. Might be more or less pretentious than the previous one I posted. I understand the point they make about “schizophrenic contemporary experience” and the idea of dark euphoria or whatever, it sorta resonates with me imo despite it being very, very pretentious and sorta bait lol.

but this tweet summarizes these articles perfectly


Interesting that they’re Finns.


its more of the modern need to actually ‘understand’ everything that bothers me (mostly because i need it too, trying to personally make sense of it all)

there is a desire to attach some known quantity or value to music, to understand it, to place it in a way thats understandable and catalogued, like a dewey decimal system. Its the comfortable thing to do.

I personally think it really goes against what makes whatever ‘this’ music is great. Its just existing in a moment, sometimes a protest of modern culture, and other times a complete celebration of it. But (hopefully) never a direct pin drop of where it is exactly at the moment someone describes what it is.




not rly “brut” but fuckit, such a lovely tune imo


really nice work on Dawnbreaker man. That Primal Cut tune is bonkers too, one of the loudest tunes I’ve heard in a long time as well haha. Its also criminal that that Gohda tune is only like 2 minutes long, so sick, i want more!


reverb/delay on the vocals here is just perfect


yes there’s some sick stuff in there. thanks a lot man Im proud to be a part of it



That the best thing I’ve heard in a VERY long time.


I played a pretty brut-ish set on radio on sunday. Myself on the first hour, Tetrad on the 2nd hour.


do you have a tracklist on this?


|1 |Goblin |Sighs|
|3 |Hodge & Randomer |Second Freeze|
|4 |Bulma |SlaughterHouse|
|6 ||Mariah Carey - Thirsty (v1984 Devilock Soft RMX)|
|7 |Amnesia Scanner |AS Rewild|
|8 |Amnesia Scanner |AS Too Wrong|
|9 |Bulma |Ronin|
|11 |Ic3peak |Грустная сука|
|12 |Fearful |Nostromo|
|13 |Fearful |Tongues|
|14 |Surly |Serious|
|15 |Moresounds |Blood|
|16 |Djrum |Sex|
|17 |The Newcomer |Marrrd E|


Listening to this now - really good. You’re gonna smash tmrw.