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Any chance of a SC download link so I can play it loud in my car cuz I don’t have a good data plan on my phone.

Also what’s that Jungle tune Tetrad plays at 1.52.51?



and im not sure on the ID there sorry

New Ash Koosha is just :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


out tomorrow :slight_smile:




already posted some stuff from this album before, but you guys should really check it out, been on repeat lately

imo this right here is the innovation everyone says is lacking in dubstep nowadays, just its called “deconstructed club” or whatever dumb genre name some pitchfork intern came up with last week


This is dope. It’s like what happened to dubstep in an alternate timeline. Really dig the vocal treatments, skeletal melodies, and sound design a lot.

Track #9 on same lp - viiiiiibezzz


the beat that starts at like 6:15 is so fucking dummy it hurts


Figured this would fit here.
@cyclopian you might dig it…


Seems he doesn’t produce as much these days cuz he does sound design for film and theater. Good on him.


He used to be on the forum didnt he?
I’ve got a couple of really old Oyaarss tunes in my collection. Pretty sure they came from the old dsf


Now that you mention, sorta rings a bell.


Yup he was.


new Zuli sounding gut


always liked this quote
but completely disagree with it

obviously dancing about architecture is cool af
just set the bar that astronomically high, and then manage, be an artist

what this quote says that does hold imo is only that journalism sucks
but music is also written

and the times when music isn’t written, it could be said to be conjured and that is exactly like dancing about architecture :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


get crazy ivan its sick




Every title in this embed is awesome lol


lol ya, I dont know if the release is any ‘good’ at all but its fun af. Its whole vibe brought me back to being young and listening to Atari Teenage Riot CDs on my off-brand walkman with 5 seconds of anti skip protection on my school bus



That’s a super appropriate comparison.

Yeah, anytime hard electronic stuff bites off metal stuff I get a little wary of fluff but this works, esp. the way it starts switching meters and shit.