฿☈⊎⍡ ⌁≛ 🗿 ≛⌁


That tune goes hard, love it. The video is insane.


hearing shit like this makes me thing is “deconstructed club” finally going bait?

obvs this producer is practically nobody but sounds very mainstream in places but still kind of in that percussive stripped down tribal hard drum vibe


Yeah, it’s definitely crossing over and gettin’ done by trendy fuxx.

Which just makes me wanna take it harder into weird territory tbh.


idk, this sound has been around a long time, more like a latin bass thing than deconstructed club to my ears

lots of crossover with ballroom tho for sure, which def can be a big part of deconstructed’s DNA


this tune has such a sick og dubstep loefah flex on the bassline