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Yves Tumor playing Coachella :open_mouth:


this album is v gut


That big looming riff kicking whole thing off in “Kontrapoetik” :love:

Listening to whole release now. :+1:


new-ish Richard Devine ting is also p dang good

and this



Lovin all the stuff thats posted here. Never tried to make anything in this style but it sounds like a fun challange. any jumping off points other than make a sound n distort the shit out of it?


Think outside the box.

Randomize and repurpose samples. A tuned-down floor tom makes a helluva kick (or anything else you need).

Use found sounds.

Listen to Howl’s Sub.fm show.

If you’re doing a BPM that normally has a genre associated w it (like 140 or 160) do something totally rhythmically atypical for that BPM.

Fuck with DJs on purpose. Challenge their knowledge and skill.

Push style boundaries to absurd extremes until it blurs and becomes something else.

Stark contrasts are nice.

Ask yourself: would this make Frankenstein or a broken robot dance?




That Devine ting requires good cans, no iBuds. Jesus Christ. It’s like a movie for my ears.


On the topic of production...

Now that I think of it wondering if there are any tutorials, ATC, anything like that for some of the acts listed in this thread. @cyclopian, any bells ring?


hmm, i dont know

idk if there is any production technique that is really specific to ‘brut’ in the 1st place tbh

here are some of my various thoughts on the subject:

-might be worth looking up stuff geared towards film sound design since its so spatially oriented.
(tangential side note: I like building tracks in a filmic mindset myself, setting up a scene mentally instead of using more standard musical track structure conventions)

-i think there is a lot of micro-managing panning and volume cuts especially on stuff you wouldn’t normally pan

-personally, I’ve been playing around with automating hard panned reverb sends lately to some ok-ish sounding effect. Similarly, I’ve been messing with doing things like putting a side chain gate/compressor only on the side in a mid/side effects set up. This mixed with the panning reverbs is a pretty cool effect. Still havent really used it on a track yet tho. Still exploring

-I think its still always gonna be the boringly simple foundations of every good track: arrangement and mixing

-I feel like my own music is very non-brut though as much i enjoy this stuff. I was always more of a graffiti artist than a hacker growing up :badteeth:

-lately it seems that brut (for us at least; or what i’ve been hearing of it) has been crossing over more and more into IDM territory as well, which i dont like as much. Brut was emotion based imo, idm is techy. IDK,maybe thats just my own perception as I slide further into idm side of things myself (which im also not happy about)



Yeah, it’s still managed to evade reductionism or templating - like dubstep in 2006, where nobody sounded alike and it was a loose lowest common denominator of traits - this is almost easier to group by what it isn’t.

Good observations tho. And on the IDM tip yeah, the Devine album is definitely - well, would’ve been called that ten years ago. I dont see too many ppl embrace the term these days (wonder why :thinking: lol) but where IDM was basically purposefully synthetic in affectation, I see Brut being more purposefully… not even organic so much as… biological maybe? Idk.

Anyway… was just wondering if there were any tuts by leftfield-ish artists that might be somewhat relevant. Imagining a Demdike one where they’re like digging crates and movies for 6 hours on camera with tea and zoots the whole time, heh.


yeah i feel ya, I always thought of it more like a ‘vertical slice’ of modern living.

it feels less anthropological and more about production now. Just noticing a large shift in the content I suppose. I think it happens with every genre and art form. The intent starts to shift around as more people interact with it and try their own take at it.

there is still a lot of really good stuff floating around tho

(was pretty hyped to see a hyph11e track on that Kode9/Burial Fabriclive mix)


in terms of tutorials, like I said, i think some interesting stuff might be found in searches like this:


personally, I think one of the coolest parts about wwwings was how they flipped samples and bass music tropes into big cinematic soundscapes (even if sometimes that soundscape only lasted about 2 seconds or even less)


Still sad about wwwings.

Wonder if they ever got to meet irl before breaking up lol.


I hope they didn’t haha

human interaction is a waste

anyways, IDM thread now


This one:



the first track on this is such murda


lol so gully, almost feel guilty liking that, its like all the stuff i’ve been conditioned to hate over the years being a truhed contextualized into something cool again

sounds like something that’d be on the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack (in a good way tho)

some really nice tunes throughout that mix as well, a lot of overly edgey stuff, but i think i just gettin old haha