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Yves Tumor playing Coachella :open_mouth:


this album is v gut


That big looming riff kicking whole thing off in “Kontrapoetik” :love:

Listening to whole release now. :+1:


new-ish Richard Devine ting is also p dang good

and this



Lovin all the stuff thats posted here. Never tried to make anything in this style but it sounds like a fun challange. any jumping off points other than make a sound n distort the shit out of it?


Think outside the box.

Randomize and repurpose samples. A tuned-down floor tom makes a helluva kick (or anything else you need).

Use found sounds.

Listen to Howl’s Sub.fm show.

If you’re doing a BPM that normally has a genre associated w it (like 140 or 160) do something totally rhythmically atypical for that BPM.

Fuck with DJs on purpose. Challenge their knowledge and skill.

Push style boundaries to absurd extremes until it blurs and becomes something else.

Stark contrasts are nice.

Ask yourself: would this make Frankenstein or a broken robot dance?