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i checked their next mix out

any idea what the tune at 3:48-ish is? with the vocals being plucked like guitar


yeah it’s so good. got me on youtube looking for “generic metal riff” for inspo

sorry no idea about that tune, its peng tho


Nah, I’m feeling a lot of the production except for the pop vocal stuff, it’s trying too hard. I mean there’s a time and a place - DJ/Rupture, Soft Pink Truth, others have done it well - but too much of it can ruin the vibe.

What is interesting tho is watching outliers become mainstream, which is clearly happening here (yet again). It’s fascinating watching the margins fold back into the center in art.



new Genome666 release



Not so out there but would prob bang on a big system

And then crush their faces with


I just copped this album on bandcamp thinking the soundcloud upload was clips but no the tunes are all like 1 minute long :frowning: Still really lovely stuff but dang haha


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