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Sound design is :heart_eyes:

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putting together some tunes for my next gig at the end of the month and this one has me properly excited to play out


Where you playing mang?

Noise Records on Balboa, daytime release party for a friend’s EP.

Sept 28, i think it starts at 1pm, will let ya know the details properly when i know

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RAD! That’s a cool spot. Yes, please lmk.

:ninja: :sushi:

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Once again Spotify AI doing alright on the Brut tip

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Can you make that into a public playlist?
Looks like fun.

…and here’s where Spotify sucks: those lists change all the time, so when I clicked on “Daily Mix #6” it suddenly shifted genres to all the old country and blues stuff I listen to sometimes…


Stupid AI

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I’ll just do it by hand and see what other suggestions it throws up.

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