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A “live-coded” piece of music (whatever that means) by Renick Bell; out soon on Lee Gamble’s imprint UIQ.

Click the link to start the madshit: http://empty-lake.u-i-q.org/

Btw. the excellent Zweikommasieben-Magazin brought this to my attention; you should most definitely purchase all their zines (which appear in english and german and focus on, mostly, mad shit and sick tekkno musik) (their design and typeset is top shelf material aswell) (some articles are available online, but not all in english).


Madshit: The Video Game


New mix out from sister Howl…

01 A001- Necro
02 Hex - Exotica
03 nunu - Gear
04 Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating
05 Lanark Artefax - All That Is Solid Melts into Air
06 These Hidden Hands feat. Lucrecia Dalt - These Moments Dismantled
07 Zuli - Robotic Handshakes in 4D
08 Imaginary Forces - Shift Work
09 MORO - Surrender
10 FIS - Independently Together
11 Eomac - Same Heart, Same Breath, Same Life, Same Death
12 Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Grischa Lichtenberger - CRT Creeper
13 Qoso - Peaches’N’Cream
14 Airhead - Kazzt (Mumdance Remix)
15 SHALT - The Treatment (Ziúr Remix)
16 M.E.S.H. - Damaged Merc
18 Pan Daijing - SEX 性
19 These Hidden Hands - SZ31X71 (Roly Porter Remix)


new Sd Laika!!!!





Uli k x Malibu (intro)
Toxe – unreleased
Drippin – Waterfall 999 (SAMI BONETHUGGIN’)
Tink Touched (Why Be late edit)– Mistress
Kablam – ???
Santa Muerte ft. El Blanco Nino – Pal Piso
Angel-Ho – Running with Knives
Kamixlo – Lariat (Visionist remix)
Kamixlo – Lariat
Syymstress ft. Yayoyanoh (vox) – Ryde Out
Kamixlo – Mata Lo
Rules – Raw
Evian Christ – That’s Me
Kamixlo – Contigo
Kamixlo x Lexxi – Demonic Yute (Lexxi VIP)
Why Be – Maverick Dome
Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (Dark0 Remix)
Kamixlo – Montanadelamuerte
Evian Christ – Terapia
Dinamarca x Toxe – Hexa
Lotic – Banished
Bladee (outro)


New Demdike:



and these… oh my god…

Check out where this one starts and then where it goes…


Not sure if I already posted this or not so here goes again… or not


new MssingNo mixtape :fire:


the instrumental could be a cool tool for the club…

…that videoclip tho…


Some interesting sounds here


On the subject of names…

Think I mentioned that I had come up with my own name for this sound before this thread was even made; turns out other people have too.

Apparently a lot of it falls under this shitty umbrella term “deconstructed club” which I won’t even get into but let’s just say that name makes IDM sound appealing by comparison…

I have decided going forward to use my own coinage. Adieu Madshit™ - welcome now…





ye deconstructed club is a weird name for it, like the tunes are and aren’t built for clubs, like they sound really cool on big speakers but they’re not club tunes cos they make for a wack dance

idm is a huge turn off for me tho so rather avoid that name






Apt comparison.

Been getting into electro acoustic stuff recently and some of this is kind of like
a ghetto version of that. So far I despise it.



lol @ 20:15


big up end of year lists for pointing out albums i slept on