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Sick radar show from earlier this week. I think CHLORINE is another alias from big name anime soundcloud star Drip Drop, not sure about that though.


i want to hear new sd laika where can I?

It was certainly a good year for this madshit… Lorenzo Senni, Wwwings, JG Biberkopf, Antwood, Yves tumo, Yen Tech, 0comeups… p cool music


0comeups is doope


The other last bits from Sd are further up the thread, but man’s been scarce. He killed his Twitter account and told some people he was done with music. The last releases (Sanpaku Island, Dreadful John too I think) were put up on YT and might not even be him… he had a track called Kicker or something but pulled it down.

Hopefully this is just a normal yung man freakout ting and not, say, Tri Angle fucking him over or something. He’s also had some personal struggles over the last 4 years or so.

(on the off chance he’s reading this: hold tight man. You’re highly valued.)


Some interesting stuff here.


And this mix… :love:




I cane that one all the time, love it.

And this:


Let’s not forget what started this all (for me):

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:



  1. Any radio shows you know of doing this stuff? I know Rinse has had Rabit, Halcyon Veil, etc. - anybody else?

  2. Any web radio stations that you think would be open to this? Have a m8 doing incredible mixes but lacking a venue.


Tell them to send a mix over to me (assuming you’re talking about who I think you’re talking about). My next radio ting is this Sunday :slight_smile:


thanks man! :salute:


and some great finds from our friend [H_owl](https://soundcloud.com/h_owl)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgOAIGaW0CY 1. clipping. feat SICKNESS - Body For The Pile 0:00 2. MELT-BANANA - Case D in the Test Tube 4:24 3. EYE - Mega Equipment for Popsicle 6:22 4. Vessel - PRIHATIN 11:10 5. Sadaf - The Clinic 14:54 6. Arca - Bussy 18:50 7. Pharmakon - Squall 20:44 8. Tanya Tagaq - Erie Changys 27:33 9. BEAST - You've Got Rabies On Your Breath! 31:38 10. Dreamcrusher - Sick World 43:40 11. Perc - Porthia 47:05 12. Noveller - Processional 52:15 13. Merzbow - For Adult 56:19 14. Prurient - Everything You Know Is Wrong 1:13:16 15. Hassan Khan - CASIOTONE GIGANTIJA 1:20:55 16. Wolf Eyes - Subterranean Life 1:24:33

more on the dnb tip, like the sound design in this one a lot

#Ruffian #Madshit™ #Howl

boh. :hooray:


SHALT = :fire:


@knobgoblin …so this morning I’m on the bus to work listening to my SC stream, reading a book… this track comes on and literally makes me drop my book and reach for my phone - who could’ve possibly made such an insanely heavytronic tune?! Have to know!

I look and it’s brother Knobgoblin. :surprised:


Serious big up yr chestplate. Oh my god.


what is this even? post-madshit?



LTO (of old apparatus fame) released an LP on sullen tone like 6 months ago, did this fly under everyone’s radar or just mine?



its knobgoblin the weird guy that posted brostep in old dsf???


Lol nah, that other guy you’re talking about was Drop Goblin

fucking hell how have I known that shit that was years ago :embarassed:


knobgoblin posts in production and hes cool