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Knob is cool AF. :sunglasses:


The mutation spreads…


#Dawn of a new era.


Massive respect out to Cyclopian for graciously giving us a killer mix AND letting Howl showcase what she does best for the second half of the show.

(I say this sincerely, no jokes - Howl’s set feels like Hobbs’ “Dubstep Warz” Breezeblock set in how monumental it is… imo)




yep, top notch as always


H/t @cyclopian for hipping me to Isis Scott

And: Limewax! :surprised:




Alright, fuck it. I'm calling it.

Been thinking about this sound a lot (obvious by the post count lol) and seeing this mutation really start to break out and make some waves. This is good.

Although genres are bullshit and naming is a fraught process, had some flashes of inspiration from re-reading my old Art Crit. Theory & History textbooks. Specifically, once I re-read the entry on Art Brut it struck me that that’s what this sound is.

“Unsweetened,” made by outsiders, detached from the linear narrative in the field - all of that applies here.

It also occurs to me that there are definitely distinct strains that come together - Madshit (Johnlenham’s coinage) is sort of the leftfield experimental techno strain, while Ruffian (my term) is more the stuff that came out of DJ/club oriented ting like the grime, filth, and dubstep derivations. I have to thank the ninjas on and off this board who hipped me to the larger continuum; H_owl, @Cyclopian, @Johnlenham, @faultier, @jrkhnds, anybody I’ve forgotten…

Watch this space. This sound is what I’ve been waiting for for years, probably some of you. If you’d like to contribute mixes, writing, art, w/e please PM me.

PS: the other awesome thing about the word Brut, besides having lots of subtly different potential meanings, is that if you Google Image search it about 98% of the results right now have something to do with a product in some kind of a green bottle - either aftershave or champagne. So perfect.




The brut sigil v1:


brut body:


isnt it just lumped into “de-constructed club music”


Yeah fuck that. I want a sexy streetwise lifestyle label lol.

But srsly now - Can you imagine how hard you’d get punched/dissed trying to say you were into “deconstructed club?” P cringe.




If the first version isn’t Motorheady enough for you.


(I'm having a lark. Come join me.)


off-topic, this reminded me of the existence of this album

disclaimer: not madshit, still worth checking if u like yr hip hop weirder



Track 3 title lol


Reporpoised my SC page for this. Any and all suggestions/submissions/mixes - again, welcome.




found some og deconstructed club



new Dedekind Cut ting is fiyah