@polkaroo There’s a schedule here LINK

There’s two different comps that I run alternately:

  1. DSF comps: The winner of the previous DSF comp picks a theme and a BPM and curates the sample pack.
  2. My comps: I pick the theme, the bpm and curate the sample pack.

I do them this way so the winner of the previous comp has plenty of time to get a sample pack together.
There’s roughly a 2 week break between each comp. We usually get between 4 and 8 subs per compettion. Each comp has it’s own thread and the rules get announced at the beginning of each comp. Take a look thru the Production forum and you’ll see all the past comps.

i host all the tracks on my own Soundcloud so unfortunatley I have to take the tracks down after each comp due to space constraints so you likely won’t find any playlists to listen to.