My remix for Big Riddim Martian.. Thoughts?

Here’s a quick remix I made of Big Riddim Martian by Dodge & Fuski vs. 12th Planet.

Would love some feedback. Made a bad ass bass synth for this one so I’m pretty happy with it ^.^

This is awesome dude. Which synth/ plug in combo made the bad boy??

  • You could’ve controlled the highs a bit in the intro., like tamed them a bit.
  • The guns right before the drop gave it a weird thing, that made the drop seem a tad bit off (still dope btw)
  • The snare seems weird, as in it was more of a splash instead of percussion sound.
  • The sub bass doesn’t seem as present as it could be.
  • [A personal ting] The second drop seems to drag on for a bit too long.

But other than that, its dope man!!

Thanks a lot man! :slight_smile:
Massive and Serum ^.^

Thanks man. Definitely need to fix my high end on a lot of my songs nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: Needa work on that.

I routed the sub inside of Serum, so that’s probably why. Leads for a cleaner mix, for sure. But maybe I should have added a sub chain separately.

Yeah, I lengthened the 2nd drop because I was loving that synth so much :stuck_out_tongue:


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