Need dubs for radio show!

Easy guys,

Starting a weekly show on Frequency FM in the next week or so and need some fresh dubs to play out! If you’ve got anything your happy with and would like to hear then email me whatever you want to

I play a wide variety of genres including dubstep, grime, garage, bassline, and everything in between.
Will post on this thread some point this or next week as to the times and day of our show. Bigups in advance!

u want some club trax bro


what sorta stuff you make man?

Is there a particular sound you’re after? Dark and minimal, or do you fux with more colourful stuff too?

I do play alot of dark and minimal stuff but do like to fuck about with other styles too!

juke footwork jersey stuff

cpl at bpm like 120to150 & a shit ton at 160

email whatever you want to send over mate :slight_smile: got a few different djs on our show so plenty to accomodate all you different tempos

I personally play mostly 130-140 but we’ve got some lads that play faster stuff

1 BigUp

Emailed you some stuff

Received some sickkkkk stuff so far! Keep em coming!

will send like 3 when I get home

Safe bro! Look forward to hearing them.

tut tut tut e-begging :expressionless: :neutral_face:

Sent over a couple of tracks, hope you enjoyed them mayne!

You’re such a twat lool. Everybody does this when they’re starting up a show on here, plus pretty much everyone here hands out a dub on request.

Mate if you think i’m being serious, then you need to wise up.

Forgive me, hard to tell since all I’ve ever seen you do on here is whine about dubs.

My whining almost got crystal lake released.

I wonder why it wasn’t.

Well it doesn’t matter, I got a full version so I’m all good.