Need feedback and looking to build my fanbase

I appreciate all feedback and opinions. It’s tough getting started so I decided to check out some forums. This particular production may not actually be House/Techno but it’s the closest in the categories.

the producer name is an issue tbh

Yeah, people commonly get confused and call it Ray J instead of “rage”. It might change in the future I’m not sure yet.

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You definitely should

and maybe post something other than a remix - nothing wrong with a remix, but best get your own handprint out there first

I have another track as well. That track didnt actually start as a remix it just sort of happened when I was testing it to see how vocals could sound. I made it with the FL Studio demo and my other shit since i’m primarily going to be using FL now. I had someone tell me I should consider going by “OUTRAYJ” or “OUTRAGE”. I like it and I’m considering doing that so people don’t get confused as much.

I’m still pretty new to Music production, but I do it on a daily basis. This is my one other track I have public. No idea what genre it is. I guess it’s a form of dubstep.

sure, m8

im just sharing my oppinion -
but yeah probably good to have different styles to show right upfront

there’s sub forums around here where people are more likely to listen! .

everybody is a producer now :relaxed:

Yeah there’s a lot of competition out there, but not everyone takes it as seriously as others. I’d love to make a career out of it somehow. Fortunately I know people who have connections in my area. If you could direct me to one of these sub forums that would be appreciated. I’m pretty new to the whole forum business.

shit i cant remmember what its called or who the mods are

Im sure someone will help us out

but theres a thread called dubs or something close

Alright, Thanks i’ll look around.

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You should post stuff like this in dubs, that’s where it’s supposed to go. Just put the genre in brackets with the post.