New collaboration - Sublow / Experimental

Finished a new collaboration with a guy called Eski Myth. Be interested to hear what people think about it. Also be keen to hear what you think about the mix down too.

Thanks for your time!

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don’t really rate the sample of wiley callin out everyone by name. Much prefer not targetted samples.

Other than that it’s pretty cool. Not my kinda tune but sounds good

Had a listen, agree with @riddles about the Wiley sample.

Good track overall, however it’s using so many typical grime elements that it almost feels like a pastiche rather than bringing anything new/innovative to the table.

As a tribute track, works fine.

Thanks guys. Yeah, I meant the actual song structure was more experimental, as in it doesn’t follow the same standard verse - chorus - bridge format.

But thank you for the feedback. Is all useful stuff.