NEW 'Dubstep EPs and Artists' Youtube Channel!

Yo, I run a new Youtube Channel, which uploads mixes of the best artists and EPs in dubstep!

Basically, I thought it would be cool to do mixes of just individual artists, so that people can get a really good feel for their style. The same goes for the individual EPs themselves. If the EP is very short then I often mix it with another from the same artist.

It’s a new Channel right now and I need to get it known about. If any of you like the idea and enjoy the mixes, then it would be great if you could help out with a bit of exposure, just a share on facebook or Twitter would be fantastic. Also, if you’ve got any ideas to help me expand the audience of the page that would be awesome too!

So far I’ve got ten mixes up, which were released on a weekly basis (every Monday) including, Truth - Undeniable EP, Skream - Skreamizm Volume 7, Thelem - We Ain’t The Same EP, Soloman - Bokeh EP and FUKSQUAD EP, a Silkie mix, an Aliens mix, Benga - Phaze: One, Badklaat - Machine EP, Thelem - Haunted Harmonics EP and Grainform - Petrichor EP.

Next Monday will be Deep Medi Releases Vol. 2.

So yeah if anyone has any ideas and likes the channel, would be great to hear your thoughts! If you could help me out by telling a friend, or sharing the channel too, that would be awesome!