New Rustie one got me all emotional

Is this the tune of the year so far or what? My mind is utterly blown by this little scottish fuck every single time.

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Sorry if this thread follows the direction I’m about to take it in, but isn’t this the same as his last 6 ‘new ones’?

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i understand that criticism, and im not one of these crazed super fans of someone who will blindly defend them to the hills (he’s not my favourite producer or anything), but to be known for a particular sound - particularly one as innovative as rustie’s - i dont see being a problem. I dont feel as though the degrees of perceived ‘difference’ or variation in style between all of his tracks is any smaller than say, mala, or swidle, or loefah, or any dubstep producer that you care to name.

what a pity you feel this way.

also to answer the question the thread began with, for me this tune is not even close to be near any tune of the whatever period of timer

what the fuck even is that mixdown

One of the worst Rustie songs I’ve heard.

literally I can’t get over how badly mixed this tune is

how did he sit there and be like “yeah this is sounding clean”

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utter wank.

no one has said “its sounding clean”, i said i liked it and it got me all emotional. for me that’s his style, its brash, its loud, its almost overly plastic and melodic. wankers refer to it as ‘maximalism’ and i guess theyre sort of half right if it wasnt such a silly name.
i dont understand all the hate towards him? i dont really want this to become a 'lets deconstruct Rustie in general" thread, but i dont get the hate. yes its completely different in almost every single way to the dubstep and surrounding genres that this forum is based on, but can we not appreciate it for what it is? fuck the perceived “poor mixdown” (yes the kicks are distorted deliberately. shh dont tell anyone), i think its a banger

looool theres intentionally distorting things (i soft clip my mixes a lot) and theres whatever the hell rustie did in this tune. it just doesnt sound good.

and no one said they hated him (I still listen to glass swords quite often) they just said this tune is shit. If you like it, respect. thats all that matters.

I’m familiar with the original (the missus is a big fan of Gammer and Muffin Music)

This is just awful though. Like the most pedestrian sounding “trap” bootleg of a tune ever. Distorted gabber kicks aside, the synths are just a mess of midrange frequencies.

I don’t mind the actual tune. Its the harshness that I don’t like. If he mixed this how he used to mix his shit I’d be bumming it

i dont get 2 things, first you say you’re not a fanboy but now you seem personally attacked with people saying this tunes sucks af. and 2nd i personally don’t get how the things on your soundcloud match with this rustie guy (ive never ever heard of him before)

you can think what you want about this tune, even apart from the mixdown, when you post it publicly and ask if it is the tune of the year you gotta expect responses…

i dont understand what my soundcloud has to do with it? i love al green but you wont hear anything on my soundcloud sounding like him. whats wrong with diversity?

s’all right for the first half I guess, then goes abit too balls to the wall for me. I think he fell off after Glass Swords, Green whatever was meeehhh
Lets just think he vanished after this LP came out, like Lohan still looks like she does in Mean Girls… right?


U don’t know who Rustie is Lol


the few things ive played on his cloud suggest i don’t need to anyway

Yea becuase he hasn’t done much of worth recently.
Listen to glass swords and don’t be a dick.
Also listen to his older stuff
Check out spliff dub (Rustie remix). A clichéd choice but am amazing tune.


Look what you did.