New song. Would appreciate some feedback

I think I’m really starting to get decent at this :p. It’s a bit repetitive but I like it.

I like the vibe of it a lot. I like the sense of a controlled / meditative pace that you have. I think you could do a couple of things to really make it shine…the sidechain pumping from the kick breaks the flow of the track so I would make it as transparent as you could so that they track flow is nice and smooth. The kick seems a little too strong for the tune but if it wasn’t splitting the red sea it might not be so bad.

I think you could add more dimension to the instruments because the mix sounds flat. It seems to be mixed really well in the frequency spectrum but could use some stereo mixing now to really separate the instruments and set up dimension.

That’s some really good advice thanks. I’m honestly not sure why I side chained it so hard tbh.