Next System Release?

I’m praying for Foamplate

They posted this today, so it’s definitely coming but who do you think it will be?


VIVEK album finally coming out?

it’s vivek

I believe next one is Foamplate, that Vivek 4 x 10" - SYSTM005 - is next year

4X 10 is pretty weird. Reckon it will be £35 odd?

20£ without taxes tops. unless it’s been pressed by angels wearing platinum golves, singing sweet heaven music and adding their nectar to the center label.

That green one will be king foamdon lionize backed with suttin else

The four by ten surely is Crucial Dub/Soundsystem dubplate with four versions vocals dubs etc

Big bang vip and motherland vip pls vivek I’ll give you a hug for at least 5 seconds

i thought Rockers and Step FWD?

Lionize sounds sick