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send 4 wolf

that consumer electronics album on pure is p good. specially “sex deaths”

Does Container come under noise or techno :cornlol: Either way its abit mad but I like it

techno. weird sounds don’t make it noise

Er yeah quite aware of that, just seems to be known as a Noise guy that now makes stuff that happens to be like techno, does not mean it “is” either.
Like most of what gets called noise on say discogs, is also liek “avangarde” “Experimental” so its abit vague to me

guessing that comes from people calling noise anything that’s remotely industrial influenced and his label associations - which aren’t really noise labels either

So like what would you say were noise labels and that? Discogs is a shower of shite for this kind of thing.

off the top of my head:
come organisation
hospital productions - started to branch out after a while tho with some black metal and stuff like vatican shadow, cold cave, ninos du brasil etc but earlier stuff is mostly noise & power electronics
total black
zsf produkt
vanilla records
beast 666
chondritic sound
american tapes

then there’s labels like cold spring, old europa cafe and cold meat industries that release stuff all over the board (noise, power electronics, dark ambient, neofolk, black metal etc)

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Great stuff

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Yo ultraspatial, I guess we are label mates. I’ve released a few things thru khalija records. Wyatt and I are old buddies.

wut? you’re confusing me with someone else
altho thanks for reminding me i want to get some stuff from that label lol
what’s your release(s)?

Oh shit, sorry. For some reason I thought you had done the Legitti piece you posted. I’m on 3 or 4 of their compilation albums as either Knobgoblin or An Endless Black Cloud as well as a release with my band Sweatshop Boys, as well as a few live performances that they released (check out Mindgaze from Wyatt Keusch and Sean Price on their bandcamp)

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will check out :thumbsup: