NoSymbols #5 @rye wax 10/12/16


who’s going


this guy

oggy oggy oggy

oi oi oi



You roll thru? was a top party


Lost City was bludy large


ye was an absolute cracker

beneath on mic and deck for 6 hrs is the 1 lol

best nights in london atm


proper good vibes yo, no hyped up bullshit, will probs roll to next one in Feb


Seen a bit about this, what actually is it?


guy called Beneath’s label called “no symbols”, runs a night respectively, bassy shit, uk funky etc etc



Mmm sounds pretty cool. Might have to roll through to one sometime


I went to the second one a while back with Beneath, Lurka & Parris, really enjoyed it. Exactly the sort of music I’m really feeling at the moment, would love to go again!


The Omar Souleyman tune was nuts too