NUMO - Ghost Yacht

Throwing all of my upcoming free tunes on a free ep after 1000 followers. The first one is Ghost Yacht. Give me some feedback for the next one…Follow up!

Tbo it get’s quite repetitive, and the steel bells 'ent really doing it for me :wink:

Never-the-less some nice sound design on the bass and snare, maybe modulate and vary some of the phrases that repeat throughout the track, i.e. the steel bells and ‘windy’ pad, to get a bit more interest going =) (those two sounds are a bit too overbearing in the mix and arrangement, and very repetitive, kinda overpowering the vibe on the drums and bass imo =)

keep 'em coming, big up!

Cool, good to know for the next one.

Thanks for the input!

sound mate