Official Encrypted Audio Thread

Just realised we hadn’t stepped foot on DSF. What a weird moment.

Well with the second release selling like wildfire thought we should at least get in on the forum.

Thanks to everyone so far for the support.

Current ongoings.

ENC001 - 010 out now on the bandcamp (Releases in order Eva808 / Kloudmen / Mershak / Deceit / Argo / DMVU / Karnage & MarkIV / Content / Binary / Deafblind)

We also have the Vinyl side ENV001 [Sold Out] and ENV002 selling now although not many left.

If you wish to support the label here is the link

Peace TR^ / Content / Encrypted

Feeling this one

Japanese business

big up tony, one of the best labels around atm
karnage/samba/helktram releases all sick

need to be quick on this one :eyes:

sold out in 23 min

Copped as soon as it reached 8 haha, almost forgot as well

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Damn!! Was checking all day, got caught up at work for half hour and missed it :frowning: please lemmie know if anyone grabbed a spare that they can shift!! Or if they pop up anywhere else, can’t see it on white peach, rwdfwd or juno…

Nice nice nice

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i don’t quite understand the numbering scheme EA uses for releases

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