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Vivek: System Sound

Ahead of the System Sound EP launch at Dingwalls this wekend, Isa caught up with Vivek to discuss the EP, the night and the label.


Karma double pack :cornersault::cornersault:

sick interview though, big up




Karma? :cornblur:


Who made this?


Ben LaDieu


n o


Tremble - Too Much Terror • Bwoy
Released: October 7th
Artwork by Ben LaDieu.

Pre-orders available from Unearthed Sounds next Wednesday September 14th from 6pm GMT.


nice one! feeling the tunes.

Q: is tremble an alias or entirely new act. Been checking him/her/them for abit now.


Big tunes. Nice to see people putting in work on their records. None of this single sided £10 white label blank shite.




ahh bless


remember headhunter spinning too much terror. big chune.


Both tunes sounding big, this gonna be the new art style?


he’s posted here, apparently edited since


I’ll be bagging this. Quality tunes imo.


Thank you for all the supportive comments guys, glad you’re feeling the tunes. Will be printing some A3 posters of the artwork too if any of you are interested?


Win a TP of TRSK002


Yeah def hit me up


Download: Kahn - Way Mi Defend (Sound Unknown Version)